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Odyssey is a VR game / experience incorporating elements of action and adventure. The player is tasked with repairing the ship while defending it from a hostile alien species. Odyssey was a 2 semester-long project (September 2016 – April 2017) with a preparation period during the summer of 2016. It was our Senior Project in Year 4 of the IMD program at Carleton University. The project in its whole included deliverables (alpha, beta, gold) as well as project plans, design documents, and marketing materials. All of which culminated in the “SP Fair” day where all groups presented their projects to the public.
Our group wanted to create some sort of location-based (local or global) game. We decided to use the HTC Vive because of the accuracy of its tracking for room-scale experiences. The design problem we wanted to face was “expanding” the allowed space for the HTC Vive. This design problem led us to create Odyssey – a game which employed 2 methods of expanding usable space in VR.
Team Roles
Akito Roberge: Level Designer & Modeler
Eric Aylward: Project Manager & Interaction Developer / Designer
Mark Brouwer: AI Developer, Visual FX, & Interaction Developer
Patrick Stevens: Game Mechanics, Audio Engineer, & Interaction Designer
Tomiwa Aina: Lead Modeller, Character Design, & Animator
Early Designs
Alpha Designs
BETA Designs
Final Designs
Demo Day
Personal Contributions
I developed the gun interactions shown below:
And item pickups shown here:
Ship Components
I designed the item dispenser and engine shown below:
Marketing Materials
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