La-Goon is a wave-based VR game for the HTC Vive. It consists of defending a child (Dale) from onslaughts of vaguely tropical animals. La-Goon was the first VR project I took part in alongside 3 very talented people – MarkAkito, and Curtis.

Full demo of La-Goon

La-Goon was a formative project made over the course of our Year 4 Fall 2016 semester. The tricks learned in UE4 and in VR design helped develop Odyssey and Beijing Tourism. Our professor, Rob Teather, afforded us with the freedom to realize this game in all of its silly glory – so a big thanks to him.
Team Contributions
Akito Roberge: Environment, Models, Audio
Curtis McCrady: Dale model + animations, HOLC model + animations, pufferfish model + animations.
Eric Aylward (me): Character interactions, Seagull model + AI + animations, Audio.
Mark Brouwer: Enemy models + AI, Dale UI + interactions, VFX.

Tomiwa Aina enjoying La-Goon

Personal Contributions
VR Interactions
I developed pickup and loose-link interactions for the weapons and animals. I also developed the "Handheld Object Launching Cannon (HOLC)" interaction.
See the hand gripping demo here:
See the HOLC here:​​​​​​​
3D Models
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